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How Do Bone Conduction Headphones Work?

How Do Bone Conduction Headphones Work?

Issue Time:2022/05/24
Bone conduction is the transmission of sound through the skull bone to the inner ear (cochlea). Every healthy person and hearing loss can hear through bone conduction.

In fact, a large part of what you hear about yourself is through your bones. It's also why your voice is different to you than everyone else.

Why does my voice sound different from others?

Your voice seems deeper and fuller to you because bone conduction better transmits the lower frequency response. If you listen to the recording, it will sound higher than you expect.

Bone conduction headphones replace air conduction by using bones to send sound waves directly to the inner ear.

Headphones produce vibrations that the inner ear can understand. They take the audio and calculate the right wave that the cochlea "hears" in the right way. The inner ear hears differently than the eardrum, so the vibrations must be different.

If you put bone technology headphones next to your ear, you won't hear the audio because the eardrum is not sensitive to its signal.

You need them to touch your jawbones, usually your temples and cheekbones so that sound can reach your inner ear.

Ordinary headphones generate sound vibrations by pushing air. These vibrations then travel to your ear canal, reach the eardrum, and finally send signals to the brain.

How do you hear through bone conduction?

Bone conduction completely skips air and eardrums, uses cheekbones

Conductive headphones must touch the jawbone (and skin) to transmit sound vibrations to the inner ear without the use of an eardrum.

So headphones with electromechanical transducers figure out how to transmit electrical signals as vibrations that the inner ear can understand, omitting the eardrum.

The vibrations are transmitted from the earphones through the skull to the inner ear, after which the brain "hears" the sound.

One downside to the conduction method is a slight lack of bass and overall audio quality.

Normal hearing using sound waves

Sounds are vibrations that people can hear through the air through the eardrum. After the eardrum "hears," it sends sound vibrations to the inner ear (cochlea), which transmits the vibrations to electrical signals that the brain can understand.

The above describes the working principle of bone conduction earphones. If you plan to buy bone conduction bluetooth earphones, please contact us.

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